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Last chance to comment on Neighbourhood Plan

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The Truro and Kenwyn Plan is getting close to the final stage and is currently seeking comments from the public. At the last meeting of the society, Roger Gazzard, gave a presentation to members and answered questions from the floor. He has just published a progress report on the comments received so far which is shown below. So if you haven’t read the draft plan yet you can download it HERE. And the online survey can be found HERE.

  The consultation has generated quite an interest and we have received many constructive comments. In overall terms to response has been positive to both the fact that a Plan is being produced and the general content.

A summary of specific points are below: –

1. Concern that there is not specific reference to loss of agricultural land, particularly the need for the planning authority to abide by the classifications set in 1986, which should only be changed by formal process. (a number of recent applicants have employed consultants to question these classifications)

2. Ensure that rather than refer to retail in the City Centre, we should refer to a balance of retail and services.

3. Protection of land at the Truro railway station and at Claremont Terrace is included, but Hugus Halt should also be added.

4. There is reference to the Conservation area but a plan of the area covered should be added.

5. Should use the term in the NPPF “Local Green Spaces” for protection and not Open spaces.

6. Concern over potential flooding in the centre of Truro, particularly the impacts of developments in the upper Kenwyn Valley on the volume of water. 

7. Concern over increased flood risk arising from solar farm developments.

8. Concern over the ability of the upper Fal River from the flood Gates to the City coping with flood water due to silting.

9. There are many concerns about the current and future traffic flows along the major route through the Plan area (A390), and that the Plan suggests no alternative road. Particular mention is made that this road serves as the assess to the hospital, college, shops, schools and industrial estates as well as homes and therefore affects not only residents in the immediate area but a far widen population. Suggestions for a southern by-pass. Need to explain why there is no proposal for additional roads.

10. Can we introduce a criterion for development that states it should not go ahead if it requires a new access onto the A390.

11. The Newham cycle track should be surfaced and lit.

12. There is an error on the Plan with sites with Planning permission being classed as Brownfield (This has now been corrected see the Action Map.)

13. Not all the areas with development permission are included eg north of Chainwalk Drive/south of Epiphany house.

14. The Plan should indicate which areas are to have stronger or weaker protection against future developments.

15. Question whether development should be concentrated in the central area with little addition to amenities in the residential areas.

16. Agreement with the principle to provide convenient footpaths, which is not happening at the current time.  

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