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Truro Civic Society has said and done many different things over the fifty years of its existence. It has stimulated concern for the preservation and sensitive treatment of Truro’s exceptional heritage of buildings, structures and textures – by supporting the Truro Conservation Area Advisory Committee and the Cornwall Design Panel. Neither function continues today due to austerity-driven measures in local government. 

The Society comments  both on planning applications and planning policies – its latest patient achievement is the construction (or rather re-construction) of a short row of cottages in St Clement Street. Popping around the corner a quietly riverside seat can be found on the seating area in the Millpool (installed as the result of a 1980s campaign by the Society). 

The Society played a prominent role in the process and designing of Lemon Quay when it ceased to be a car park. The then Chair, David Scott, was a driving force in realising the commission of a sculptural work for Lemon Quay. 

During the current ‘place shaping’ exercises focused on Truro the Society is active in trying to ensure that the voices of the town are clearly heard. It has just completed a series of 16 talks over 8 weeks by leading members of the community, entitled ‘Thinkin’ Trurra’, and has sponsored a film in support of the proposal to allow the site of the former district council offices to be locally reclaimed as a mixed-use neighbourhood. 

The Society is also supportive of efforts to celebrate the best of C20th architecture in Truro. The post-war community of architects was very supportive of the Society, and Truro has a small but significant body of modernist and brutalist structures – including Moorfield and High Cross car parks – which, whilst challenging traditional ideas of the ‘beautiful’, represent achievements of a period when a distinctive architectural statement – as important in its own way as that made by the C19th architects of banks and chapels which has contributed to the built heritage of our town. The Society is keen to promote the debate

The Society holds regular meetings of its ‘committee’ – which is open to all members to attend. At the moment we are focusing on the major project to collate a local list of buildings and structures which are not otherwise protected but which the community feels are of such value that they should be preserved and respected. This will eventually result in a supplementary planning policy of the Truro and Kenwyn Neighbourhood Plan, and, if all goes according to plan, as a book. 

We are also exploring a presence on Facebook and shaping a programme of activities aimed at recruiting new members who care about heritage, good quality design, and ensuring that the community has a clear and intelligent voice in the debates which affect its built environment.

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