Time for businesses to get a grip. This will not do.

A snapshot of Old Bridge Street rubbish – this car park brings poeople into the town centre – its on sat navs, is flat and convei9ent and pay-on-exit. Across St Mary’s Bridge is the Riverside Walk, and St Mary’s Mews leading visitors towards the independent shops in Duke Stree, Quay Street, New Bridge Street and St Mary’s Mews which so many people come to visit, to do business with, and to congratulate for surviving in our corporate world – and we welcome them with garbage bins – many overloaded, and now, empty beer kegs. Apart from the matter of rats, why are businesses being so selfish and careless.

Cornwall Council has provided a robust compound for these wheely bins. As its in the car park, collection would be easier and less disruptive, all bins would be tidily out of sight, and visitors could enjoy exploring Truro alongside the River Allen – surely, a clean, tidy and atrractive town with opportunities to safely explore its environmental and historical parts is better for business that gull-scattered garbage bags bursting out of wheelies.

The council has made allowances for lockdown, and has not insisted during that time, and is offering access to the compound free of charge until next year – and then, access will be very affordable.

Time for businesses to get a grip – this will not do!

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