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City of Lights

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A town full of buildings and streets needs to be filled – on some days small gaggles of businessmen obstruct shoppers in a hurry, taxis slide through well-worn routes, buses thunder across cobbles, some wait, some hurry, some stand still till their Big Issues are sold, others make deals on i-phones between cappuchinos. At other times great crowds gather to express common themes of celebration or commemoration – not a fortnight after solemn ranks drew up in remembrance of the Fallen of the wars, Truro’s City of Lights Parade brings ingenuity, imagination, craftsmanship and wonder to our streets. Art students, community groups and schoolchildren create elegant, funny, satirical and fantastic figures and shapes to light up November’s speedy career towards December and all its feast of mysticism, gifts, food and music – how birth and death intertwine – its what towns are for!

Truro Civic Society webmaster, Ian Hibberd, has produced a short video-report of the 2013 City of Lights Parade for those who could not be there, and those who wish to remember.

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