Video Presentation – Saga of the High Cross

For its November ZoomTalk, Truro Civic Society has invited Cornwall’s leading expert on Cornish Crosses to speak about his experience of repairing Truro’s High Cross after it was the victim of a bizarre road accident which left it in pieces on the ground.

Andrew Langdon is the go-to person in Cornwall (and elsewhere) when it comes to interpreting, rescuing, restoring and protecting some of the most ancient man-made objects in Britain. Together with partner, Ann Preston-Jones, and their colleague, Elizabeth Okasha, he is the author of a new book published by University of Exeter Press called ‘Ancient and High Crosses of Cornwall’. ‘The book is a selection of crosses’ Andrew explains. ‘It is not an index all crosses. For that the reader should turn to our previous publication, Early Cornish Crosses’ (publ Oxford University Press).

‘Truro’s High Cross: A Chequered History’
on Wednesday 24th November

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In addition to Andrew’s talk we will also be welcoming a new sponsor of the Society, Lonsdale Lavigne, who will join the current sponsors, Trevails, Hendra’s and Wear-House in supporting the website and social media engagement of the Society.

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