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Conservation Matters

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WEDNESDAY 3 APRIL 2013 at 10.00 am


PRESENT:     Hugh Lander (Chairman)

James Bright (Vice-Chairman)

Councillor Mrs Carlyon

APOLOGIES:            Apologies were received on behalf of Councillor Vella, Councillor Bowyer, Councillor Biscoe and Daphne Worraker


1.         MINUTES

The Committee noted the minutes of the meeting held 6 March 2013 as correct.



            Conservation Officer

It was reported that the Administrator had written to the Head of Planning and Regeneration for Cornwall Council with regard to the absence of the Conservation Officer but had yet to receive a reply.  The Committee were of the understanding that the Conservation Officer, Nina Paternoster, was still away on sick leave.


33 Falmouth Road – PA12/09986

Councillor Mrs Carlyon advised the Committee that a site meeting would be taking place on 9 April 2013.


Road Closure – Kenwyn Street

Councillor Mrs Carlyon advised the Committee that following a recent meeting with representatives of South West Water, it had been agreed to reduce the road closure from seventy weeks to forty weeks.




            (i) COMPTON CASTLE, LEMON QUAY – PA13/00750

Temporary usage of area of Quay for stationing of pop-up restaurant (one year)

The Committee object to this application and consider there should be no further extension of the temporary use and the matter should be permanently and properly resolved.

The Committee would prefer the area to be an open space and feel the temporary use is detrimental to the character of the Truro Conservation Area.

(ii) YTKO LTD, GREEN STREET – PA13/01325

Change of use application of first and second floors of Library House to obtain category D2 usage to create premises for the provision of yoga and pilates classes and individual tuition

            No objection raised to the proposed change of use.


(iii) 23 ST CLEMENTS TERRACE – PA13/01320

Removal of Sycamore and Cherry tree.  Reduction of Conifer and pollarding of Sycamore

No objection to the proposed works to trees only with the approval of the Tree Officer however, the Committee would recommend that the Cherry tree be retained and an assessment carried out to assess the visual value of the Sycamore tree.


(iv) 10 CRESCENT ROAD – PA13/01539

Erection of a porch

            The Committee do not object to the proposed erection of porch.     


(v) 3 THE PARADE – PA13/01956

Submission of details to discharge condition number 3 in respect of decision notice PA11/03884

The Committee did not receive application papers however, they would oppose any changes to the conditions if they affected the integrity of the building.


(vi) 20 ST DOMINIC STREET – PA13/02014

Submission of details to discharge conditions 1-5 in relation to decision notice PA10/07056

The Committee did not receive application papers however, they would oppose any changes to the conditions if they affected the integrity of the building.



Listed Building consent for the provision of mechanical extract ventilation

No objection raised to the proposed works.


(viii) 2 BROAD STREET – PA13/02071 & PA13/02072

Proposed side extension and alterations to existing rear elevation

The Committee do not raise any objection subject to a very careful and informed match of the brick and the flat arches over the openings and the roofing material.  The joinery should also match the existing dwelling.

Members would also ask that there be a discernible lintel over the bi-fold doors and matching brickwork on the gable end.


(ix) 9 RICHMOND TERRACE – PA13/02076

Felling of two Conifers and crown reduce and crown lift one Conifer

The Committee object to the loss of trees that are subject to Tree Preservation Orders but would like to know the incentive for this application in view of it being unclear as to whom the land and trees belong.



Dates of future meetings

The Administrator asked about the possibility of changing the dates of the Conservation Committee meetings as the work on top of her City Council Planning work was becoming too much.  Currently, the Conservation Committee meetings were held the day before the City Council’s Planning Committee and the Administrator was finding it a lot of work in one week, especially as she only worked three days per week.


Those members in attendance did not foresee any problems and anticipated the next meeting would take place on Wednesday 24 April 2013 however, the Administrator confirmed she would liaise with Cornwall Council to ensure the change in dates would not affect the list of applications forwarded for consideration at each meeting.  Once confirmed, the Administrator would write to Committee members confirming the dates of meetings for the remainder of 2013.


Mayor’s Parlour

The Committee expressed their thanks to the Mayor for allowing use of the Mayor’s Parlour for each of the Conservation Committee meetings.


The meeting closed at 12 noon.











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